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👋 Hey there, Welcome to AstroWP!

👋 Hey there, Welcome to AstroWP!

Ever felt frustrated with your slow, clunky WordPress site that always seems to get hacked? Yeah, me too. That’s why I created AstroWP – a starter kit for building fast, secure, and static-generated WordPress sites.

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Mathias. I’m just a regular guy from the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia with a bit of an unhealthy obsession with making websites load faster. With a background in SEO and WordPress development, I found that the “traditional” WordPress setup just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I love WordPress; it’s an amazing CMS and there’s a good reason why it powers more than one-third of the websites on the Internet.

But I don’t like the slow load times, the bloat, and the constant security issues. That’s what got me interested in “decoupled” WordPress. I wanted to chuck out WordPress’s front-end but keep the backend.

I am now convinced that this is the way.

this is the way

Why AstroWP?

For the last year and a half, I have been building headless sites where WordPress powers the backend, handling all the content publishing and media management, doing everything the “traditional” WordPress way.


The theme and the front-end are powered by Astro (a static site generator framework) that deploys the site and the content from the backend to a node.js host like Vercel, Netlify, or DigitalOcean.

This WordPress-building process inspired me to create a bunch of new ready-made themes, package everything up, document it thoroughly, and launch it as an affordable lifetime plan for everyone to benefit from.

Because Astro JS together with headless WordPress, I believe, this is the way.

  • Faster Speeds: Almost instant page load-times, because who has time to wait around for a website to load? Check it out for yourself

  • Better Security: Sleep easy knowing your site is locked down tighter than Fort Knox.

  • More Flexibility: Customize your site to your heart’s content, with no limitations.

  • Easy Setup: Get up and running in no time with a straightforward installation process. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a beginner, the setup is designed to be simple and hassle-free.

  • Effortless Configuration: Configure your site with ease using clear, step-by-step instructions. No more fumbling through complex settings or obscure options.

  • Simple Customization: Tailor your site to your exact needs with a flexible, user-friendly interface. Modify themes, adjust layouts, and add content without breaking a sweat.

and last, but not least.

  • Cost-Effective: Say sayonara to costly WordPress speed and caching plugin subscriptions, CDNs, and no more premium WordPress hosting. With this setup, you can ditch all of that.

In just a matter of months, you will have recouped the lifetime price of AstroWP.

Ready to Take the Leap?

AstroWP makes the headless WordPress journey smoother than ever, whether you’re a seasoned developer or a total newbie. It’s easy to set up, configure, and customize.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s build something awesome together!


Launch Your Lightning-Fast, Secure Headless WordPress Site Today!

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