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Headless WordPress Starter Kit

Build static Astro sites powered by WordPress that are ultra-secure and lightning-fast! AstroWP helps you launch a ready-made Astro and headless WordPress site that is super easy to install, configure, and customize.

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What is AstroWP?

What is AstroWP?

AstroWP's ready-made and easy-to-configure starter kit launches your site faster, simplifies content management, and boosts performance and security with static hosting.

  • Everything is pre-configured with headless WordPress and Astro, making it simple to launch your static WordPress site.
  • Continue using WordPress as your CMS for managing and creating content and media with ease.
  • Get all the benefits of static hosting from Astro: your site will be ultra-secure, incredibly fast, and safe against attacks.
  • Easily customize styling and layouts to match your brand with our selection of ready-made starter themes.
  • Build your SaaS, agency, or startup site - or your blog, portfolio, resume, or programmatic SEO project.
Why you should use Astro

Why you should use Astro

Astro is a web framework that takes the best from the early internet and puts it to work in a next-gen architecture to make every static hosted Astro site, and the whole web, faster.

  • Astro's static site rendering delivers ultra-fast page loads, as pre-rendered HTML files are served directly to users without the need for server-side PHP and database processing.
  • Astro is built for content-rich sites where performance matters most. Pull content from anywhere, deploy everywhere.
  • Astro automatically removes unused JavaScript and renders to HTML for better core web vitals, conversion rates and SEO.
Why you should use headless WordPress

Why you should use headless WordPress

Using a headless approach makes your website faster, more responsive, and customized to your users' needs, allowing you to focus on creating content.

  • Continue to leverage WordPress’s powerful content management system, but by separating the front-end from the back-end, you significantly improve your website's performance, security, and flexibility.
  • By decoupling the front-end, you reduce the attack surface area. The back-end WordPress installation is not directly exposed to users, making it harder for potential attackers to exploit vulnerabilities.
  • Decoupling WordPress allows you to use lightweight, fast-loading technologies, improving website speed and reducing load times.
lifetime pricing plan

Pay once, own it forever

$259 $159 USD

$100 off for the first 50 customers
Purchase once, use forever. No recurring fees.

Pay Once, Use Forever

Get this starter kit headless WordPress boilerplate with everything you need to build your ultra-secure and lightning-fast-loading static WordPress site.

5 sites launched

What's included?

  • One-time purchase with lifetime access and updates
  • Unlimited usage on unlimited sites
  • Instant access to GitHub repositories
  • Instant access to headless WordPress import files
  • Access to three ready-made themes
  • Easy to customize pages, layouts and components
  • Easy to configure settings, styles and customizations
  • Create, publish and edit content in WordPress
  • Beginner-friendly step-by-step setup and walkthrough documentation
  • Get regular updates and new features, for life
  • Easy-deploy to Vercel, Netlify or your favorite node.js host
  • Supports Yoast SEO, Social and Schema settings
  • Supports ACF custom fields and custom post types
  • Supports Gutenberg blocks and patterns
  • Create categories, tags and author archives
  • Create 301 redirects, robots.txt and .htaccess
  • Media files using Cloudinary or the native media library

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions? Get in touch with me.

What is AstroWP, and who is it for?

AstroWP is a beginner-friendly starter kit for launching a headless WordPress site on a fully customizable theme powered by Astro.

AstroWP is perfect for anyone who wants to create a lightning-fast, secure, and static hosted site while still using good old WordPress for creating and managing content and media.

What do I get exactly?

You'll receive access to a GitHub repository containing the codebase for Astro and its accompanying starter themes. You'll also get an import file to seamlessly install the headless WordPress backend on a web host of your choosing.

Alongside these resources, you'll benefit from email support and comprehensive documentation, guiding you through the configuration and customization process — from WordPress installation and repository cloning to page customization and site deployment on platforms like Vercel, Netlify, or DigitalOcean.

Do I need to be a developer to use this starter kit?

Absolutely not, but it helps if you know your way around HTML and CSS, oh and WordPress too of course. This headless WordPress starter kit was designed with beginners in mind, especially those who may not be familiar with GitHub code or Astro JS sites. If you find yourself stuck, assistance is just an email away.

What themes will I get?

When purchasing the AstroWP starter kit, you'll get access to three ready-made, easy-to-customize starter themes. One is a SaaS/Business inspired theme, and the other is a Blog theme, and the third one is a Portfolio theme. These themes are designed to be easily customized to match your styling and branding.

Can I customize everything?

Absolutely! You have full customization control over the SaaS/Business theme, Blog theme and the Portfolio theme. This includes customizing menus such as the header and footer, selecting your preferred font type, size, and color, and tweaking components and elements like the CTA, Testimonials, and Pricing layouts.

What about WordPress? In the WordPress dashboard, you'll manage everything just as you normally would when creating, editing, and updating posts, pages, and custom post types. The only difference is that instead of previewing WordPress content, it will be transformed and deployed into static pages.

How is headless WordPress different from "normal" WordPress?

Inside the WordPress dashboard, you won't notice any differences. You'll create and update posts and pages exactly as you normally would, adding inserts, tags, categories, and authors.

You can also use plugins like Yoast, ACF, Shortcodes, and Gutenberg blocks to extend and enhance your content. The major difference lies in the front-end experience. Published posts and pages load incredibly fast — almost instantly! Gone are the days of sluggish, slow-loading WordPress sites.

However, there are a couple of limitations to consider when opting for the "decoupled" WordPress route. Firstly, you won't be able to preview a post or page; it needs to be deployed before you can view it. Secondly, dynamic content, such as conditional content based on user behavior, location, or date/time, won't function the same way.

Why? Because Astro is a static site generator (SSG). Unlike WordPress, which generates content each time a user interacts with it, a static site generator like Astro generates the content once, creating a static HTML version. The advantage of this approach is superior performance, unmatched security, and minimal maintenance overhead.

What if I need something "bespoke", like a custom theme?

While I can't assist with customizing the themes included in this starter kit, I'm available for hire to create custom solutions tailored to your needs. Feel free to reach out to discuss your requirements, and let's explore how we can bring your vision to life.

What is Astro?

Astro is a modern web framework designed to construct fast, scalable, and secure websites. It prioritizes performance by default, adopting a "zero JavaScript" approach on the client side. This means that only essential JavaScript is sent to the browser, enhancing load times and the overall user experience.

So, why is Astro the perfect fit for a headless WordPress CMS? Because Astro's lightweight approach ensures rapid load times, enhancing user experience and SEO. It seamlessly manages growing traffic thanks to Astro's efficient static route rendering and minimizes potential vulnerabilities by separating your CMS from your frontend.

In summary, Astro allows you to develop high-performing websites while harnessing WordPress as a robust content management system.

What kind of support will I get?

You'll receive personal email support, so whenever you have a question or run into an issue, I'll be right there to assist you. The documentation is clear and detailed, guiding you through setup and beyond, ensuring you can easily find the answers you need.

Plus, there are tutorials and blog posts available to help you master your starter kit.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

AstroWP is a digital product, and due to the nature of instant access upon purchase, refunds cannot be offered. While I understand this might be disappointing, I'm here to assist you with any issues or questions you may have. My priority is to ensure you have the best possible experience, so please don't hesitate to reach out.

Are there any additional costs?

Once you've got AstroWP, the only extra costs you'll encounter are for hosting your WordPress backend on a shared or cloud web host, and deploying your frontend site to a node.js supported host like Vercel, Netlify, Cloudflare or DigitalOcean. But don't worry; they've got some pretty generous free tier options.

If you find yourself really diving into it and needing more resources, you might consider upgrading to a paid plan, which typically ranges from $5 to $20 per month. I'd suggest taking a look at the details of each provider to figure out what fits you best.


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